I am a highly experienced Youth Theatre Director who is experienced in directing all ages. I’ve directed scripted, devised and new writing for a variety of different spaces and target audiences. I specialise in directing Physical Theatre, ensemble style predominantly with young people. Much of my directing has been bringing to life new, exciting versions of classic and popular texts.
I started directing plays with young people in 1997. Over the last 17 years I’ve forgotten the number of productions but some of the most recent are listed below.
Present Location Uncertain- National Heritage Lottery funded

Devised. The Vine, Hyson Green.

Designer- Sarah Lewis

Sound Designer- Matt Marks

Dramaturg- Beth Shouler

2016- Breathing Spaces- Excavate- New Writing, scripted

Promenade. Parks in Nottingham

Writer- Andy Barratt

Design- Ally Bakewell

Sound/ musician- Matt Marks

2015 Dracula (Advanced Youth Theatre) Scripted- Liz Lochead. Playhouse Neville Studio
Designer Nathan Rose,
Lighting Designer: Steph Bartle,
Sound Designer: Lewis Hampson

2014 Equus (Advanced Youth Theatre) Scripted- Peter Shatter Playhouse Neville Studio
Designer: Eleanor Field, Movement Director: Tim Ford, Lighting Designer: Steph Bartle, Sound Designer: Thomas Preston
2014 White Feathers (Young Company) Devised Site Specific, Stonebridge City Farm
Designed for a primary school audience. World War 1 theme
2014 Frankenstein (Senior Youth Theatre) Scripted/ devised Playhouse Neville Studio
2013 Clockwork Orange (Young Company and professional) Scripted- Burgess Playhouse Neville Studio
2013 Enron (Advanced Youth Theatre) Scripted-Prebble Playhouse main stage
Designer: Sarah Lewis, Sound Designer: Mark Di Martino- Mariott, Lighting Designer: Steph Barlte
2013 4.48 Psychosis (Young Company) Scripted- Sarah Kane Neville ‘Studio’
2013 A Thousand Cranes (Intermediate Youth Theatre) Scripted- Schultz Neville ‘Studio’
2012 Home (World Event Young Artists Company) Devised Neville ‘Studio’
Including verbatim theatre on homelessness theme
2012 Warriors (Intermediate summer school) Devised Playhouse Neville ‘Studio’
Response to an exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary
2012 Woyzeck (Advance Youth Theatre) New script- Kingsland from Buchner original Main stage
Designer: Nathan Rose, Sound Designer: Drew Baulmoul

2012 The Willow Pattern (Intermediate Youth Theatre) Scripted- Johnson Neville Studio
2011 The Wish Collector (Intermediate Summer School) Scripted Adjaydo Neville studio
April 2011 The Gaza Monologues. New Arts Exchange as part of the NEAT11 festival
2011 The Trial (Advanced Youth Theatre) Scripted- Berkoff Playhouse main stage
Designer: Nathan Rose , Lighting Designer: David Phillips, Sound Designer: Drew Baulmoul
2011 The Red Tree (Playhouse Youth Theatre) Devised Regional Youth Theatre Festival
Using The Red Tree by Shaun Tan as a stimulus
2010 Blood Wedding (Advanced Youth Theatre) Scripted- Lorca Playhouse main stage
Designer: Sakina Karamjee, Lighting Designer Nick Morris, Sound Designer: Dan Willisdirecting2
2009 The Visit (Advanced Youth Theatre) Scripted- Durrenmatt Playhouse main stage
Designer: Sakina Karamjee, Sound Designer: Corey Mwamba Lighting Designer: David Philllips
2009 Hotel (Playhouse Youth Theatre) Scripted- Churchill Regional Youth Theatre Festival
2008 Sir/ Miss (Momentous Youth Theatre) Devised NAYT Big Youth Theatre Festival
Exploring schooling pressures on young people
2008 Find Me (Momentous Youth Theatre) Scripted- Wymark Playhouse main stage
Designer: Sakina Karamjee, Lighting Designer: David Phillips, Sound Designer: Matt Marks
2007 Stone Moon (Momentous Youth Theatre) Scripted Johnson Playhouse Neville ‘Studio’
Designer: Katherine Warman, Movement Director: Matt Bugg, Sound Designer: Matt Marks

I recently enjoyed directing Dracula by Liz Lochead at Nottingham Playhouse, bringing new life to this classic tale and beautifully written script. Asking the question who is Dracula in our society today? This piece utilised the ensemble to enhance the supernatural moments and create suspense.
I like to keep an open mind when I enter the rehearsal room and makes discoveries alongside my cast by experimenting in a playful and curious way.